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Create demand for your employer brand using recruitment marketing to attract more quality hires!

We enhance your employer brand.

We are a team of professionals with extensive experience in providing companies with talent acquisition consulting and recruitment marketing services. We have branches in the Canada and the UK. Our staff consists of highly-qualified consultants and marketing specialists.
Our services include recruitment marketing strategy, digital marketing technology and bespoke managed recruitment marketing services. Also, we provide training to ensure your brand is well-represented in the employment marketplace.
We use modern tools and software to manage all processes and provide our clients with timely reports and expert advice.

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Work with a well-established and reliable recruitment marketing agency.

Our main goal is to free your time so that you can focus on business development. Our benefits are as follows:

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    Amplify your employer brand

    Recruitment marketing is vital to attract candidates by helping them learn more about why they should work with you. In addition, we help you resonate with potential applicants even when you are not hiring.

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    Manage your brand reputation

    Creating advocates for your employer brand helps generate awareness and boost your reputation. We know your reputation is sacred, and we help you manage it.

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    Boost your talent attraction 

    In today's job applicant landscape, recruitment marketing is the difference between not getting applicants and getting the right ones. So let us help you boost your attraction power with candidates.

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    Appeal to quality candidates

    Recruitment marketing allows you to strengthen your brand and capture prospective applicants' attention even when you are not hiring. We want you to stay in front of quality applicants, so they never forget you.

Spending too much time trying to find candidates?

Focus on building your business and leave recruitment marketing and employer branding to us. We will find and attract the right applicants.


Our Leadership Team

Meet our recruitment marketing experts.


James Cooper

Practice Lead, Marketing Consulting 


Robert Dougan

Practice Lead, Talent Acquisition Consulting


Frequently Asked Questions

If you didn't find the answer to your question in this section, feel free to contact us.

Recruitment Marketing Partners is a consulting and recruiting marketing managed services company with more than 20 years of experience. We seamlessly incorporate into your company and take care of all processes related to your employer brand and recruitment marketing needs.

    Recruitment marketing strategy.

    Recruitment marketing and digital presence platform.

    Recruitment marketing managed fee based services.

Recruitment Marketing Partners helps you attract talent online.

  • Why do we need recruitment marketing services?

    The days of posting jobs to get applicants doesn't cut it any longer to attract quality hires. Talent acquisition teams are now becoming marketers to stay in front of applicants all the time. Recruitment is not a event any longer it is now a way to strengthen your employer brand. You need Recruitment Marketing Partners to help you do it the right way. We can show you how or manage it for you. Your choose what works best for you!

  • How does recruitment marketing help me get more hires?

    The tasks of recruitment in HR has always been to help the organization grow and attain quality hires. However, these days it is harder to compete in the marketplace for talent and recruiters now not only manage the talent acquisition function but also need to be strong marketers of the careers. We help organizations wear that recruitment marketing hat more comfortably either through advice and strategy or through managed services where we do it for them.

  • How do you attract quality employees?

    We believe in a push and pull strategy when it comes to recruitment marketing to attract more quality hires. You still need to push your job opportunities through the right job boards and aggregators, but the messaging to attract them also needs to be sound with a strong EVP. Through our pull marketing strategy we help you stay in front of your high potential talent through savvy marketing techniques. We help you stay in front of the right talent that is similar to your current top performers, and when you do have to post a job you will have already built a following. We have a process that is simple, fast and easy to attract quality hires.

  • Do you have managed services?

    Yes, we have vast experience in recruiting marketing and top-level specialists that will help you manage your employer brand and reputation. Check out our services where we can do it for you through our fee based services.

  • Do you work remotely?

    We have recruitment marketers that work remotely and can be easily integrated into your company, wherever you are located. We currently work in the United Kingdom and across North America.

  • How to start collaboration with you?

    Contact us to have the first free consultation so that we can learn about your needs and goals.